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Chief Stylist - Network 18

In this project I developed and oversaw channel aesthetics for 16 nationwide channels, aligning them with target audience research and regional nuances.

We were able to achieve notable improvements in channel ratings by establishing a stronger viewer connection.

Chief Stylist - Zee Media

During this transformation I formulated visual identities for anchors across 8 nationwide channels, guided by thorough target audience research and regional considerations.

We were able to evidence significant enhancements in channel ratings. Additionally, I conducted comprehensive sales team training to enhance client interactions

Anchor Stylist - Pudhari

I was integral to the preliminary research phase of the channel's launch, crafting the anchor's visual identity based on insights from viewer research.

Consulting Stylist - Ernst & Young

I conducted specialized training workshops focusing on styling and grooming techniques, with a particular emphasis on ensuring seamless integration with international counterparts.

Anchor Stylist - Skymet

Here, I contributed to the development of the channel's overall visual branding, including conducting makeovers for the anchors to enhance the channel's overall appeal.

Stylist - Teen Miss India

I served as the designated stylist for selected contestants, meticulously curating their appearances for international pageants. Additionally, held a significant role as a jury member during these events.

Notably, one of the contestants I styled emerged as the victorious recipient of the Teen Miss Universe title.

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