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Style Workshops

Engaging and informative group sessions, offering comprehensive training on personal styling, grooming, fitness, poise, and creating lasting positive impressions.

Consumer Research

In-depth research on the prospective consumer base, gaining insights into their brand preferences and visual sensibilities. Subsequently, analyzed the findings and executed the desired aesthetic to align with their preferences.


A comprehensive transformation, encompassing hair styling, makeup application, and wardrobe enhancement, resulting in a remarkable upgrade in appearance. These transformations consistently delivered impressive before-and-after results, delighting clients with the remarkable makeovers.

Sales Team Training

A tailored training program designed to empower sales teams in delivering exceptional customer experiences and fostering high-quality interactions. This initiative significantly influenced performance metrics and contributed to achieving ambitious targets.

College Students' Training

Comprehensive instruction to students in the art of professional appearance and corporate dressing, bolstering their self-assurance and enhancing their employability prospects.

Anchors' and Reporters' Styling

I specialize in the development and oversight of the visual identities of anchors and reporters, strategically aimed at elevating TRPs and fostering a stronger connection with the viewership of the channel.

Styling Services

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